Baby Got Backup! 

Jess Vanhook’s passion for childcare has culminated into Jess’ Way Nanny Agency LLC. With over 15 years of experience as a nanny, preschool teacher and summer camp instructor, Jess’ expertise provides families with assurance that they will have quality, customized care for their children. With Jess’ Way, you’ll always know...Baby Got Backup!

Meet Jess

Hi Parents and Caregivers!

My name is Jess Vanhook and I'm looking forward to working with you and your family. My boutique style and hands on approach helps you relax and allows me to create a custom fit care plan that works for you. It would be a privilege to show you my way!

Here at Jess' Way we strive to make your experience as easy and straightforward as possible. Our flat-rate fee of $1000.00 for most nanny placement services allows us to find you quality care you can feel great about.

We truly appreciate your business and love to pay it forward! Jess’ Way often receives requests from families who need a nanny, or other Jess' Way Services, but cannot afford the fees. If you are interested in helping a family in need, your donation will help provide Jess’ Way services at a subsidized rate for families that qualify.

Thanks for visiting and if there is anything I can do make your nanny search more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to contact me directly , 919-904-0753


- Jess Vanhook

Jess’ Families

Welcome to Jess’ Way! Depending on your needs, a nanny can be cheaper, safer and more personal than a daycare center. You could also participate in a nanny share, where you find a family who has similar childcare needs and you split the costs.

The first step is for you to fill out the Family Application. The application fee is $150.00. This fee can be paid  securely from our website. Next, Jess will call you to schedule an in-person meeting, then you will go over a care plan. When everyone is in agreement with the care plan, you will sign a Placement Contract and Jess will personally select 3 qualified candidates for you to interview.

Click here for more pricing info. A deposit is due at the time of the meeting and the remainder is due upon signing of the contract with your nanny.

Jess’ Way also offers FREE Backup Babysitting while we find you the perfect nanny! With at least 48hrs notice, Jess’ Way will send you a babysitter that meets the same strict qualifications our nannies. If you want unlimited backup babysitters, the fee is $400.00, due annually. Plan for a date night, your nanny's vacation, holidays or sick days. Jess’ Way can also find you a Pop-up Babysitter for a flat rate of $50.00, you pay the babysitter directly.

Need help getting your kids from here to there? Jess’ Way Transportation offers a safe, comfortable ride for your little one. GPS tracking, live speed monitoring and notification at the beginning and end of the ride will put your mind at ease, while your child gets where they are going.

Jess' Way can also find you a Party Sitter, while you have some adult fun. Call to schedule kid coverage for your next shindig. No one will have the excuse “I couldn’t find a sitter!” again.

All Jess’ Way nannies and babysitters are certified and backed by our guarantee. If you don’t love your nanny, contact us within 90 days and we’ll help you find a new one free of charge! Jess’ Way takes the guesswork out of finding a wonderful nanny for your family, so you always know…'Baby Got Backup!' Rest assured everything will be handled efficiently, effectively and professionally. 

Still have questions? Check out our terms & policies, FAQs, or give Jess a call: 919-904-0753

Jess’ Nannies

Hello prospective Nanny! Jess Vanhook nannied for 15 years before opening Jess’ Way Nanny Agency. Here at Jess’ Way, we know exactly what to look for when searching for a nanny. We work directly with families to make sure our nannies are paid fairly, have a safe working environment, and are treated with respect. Jess is an advocate for both our nannies and our families.

Jess’ Way nannies are not required to pay any portion of their salary to Jess’ Way and we take zero commission. Once our nannies are matched with a family, they are paid directly from the family.

$15.00 per hour is the starting point for basic care of 1 child; however, your pay will be determined by your experience, schedule, and the family needs.  We are happy to work with the family to negotiate terms that are satisfying to all parties.

Minimum requirements:

  • Infant and adult CPR trained

  • First aid trained 

  • At least 3 years nanny experience 

  • 3 quality references

  • 3 recommendation letters from previous families

  • Reliable transportation

Ready to apply? Click the link below!


What We Offer

  • Nanny Placement

  • Backup Babysitting

  • Safe, Reliable Transportation

  • Customized Nanny Training

  • Household Managers & Personal Assistants


Honest & Upfront Pricing


We also accept donations for families who otherwise could not afford Jess’ Way services.


Application Fee:

$150.00 (All families using any Jess’ Way service must fill out an application and pay a one-time application fee, which can be paid securely through the website)

Nanny Placement Fee*:

*Most Full-time, Part-time, Summer and Temporary Nanny placement costs are a flat rate of $1000.00. If you require a live-in nanny, a nanny who will work over 40-hours a week, a travel nanny, tutor and/or house manager, please call us directly for a placement cost quote 919-904-0753.

Nanny Placement Fee: $1000.00 ($400.00 deposit and $600.00 remaining placement fee.)

Advanced Nanny Placement Fee: Please call 919-904-0753 so we can offer you a custom quote for your particular needs.

Nanny Share:

$500.00 (per family)

Babysitter Services:

With at least 48hrs notice Jess’ Way will find you a backup babysitter that meets the same strict qualifications as our nannies. Families pay the babysitter directly, $15.00 per hour for 1 child, $18.00 for 2 children and $2.00 more for each additional child. This service is FREE for all families while we find you the perfect nanny! (after we place your nanny, the annual fee for unlimited backup babysitting is $400.00)

POP UP-Babysitting: Do you need a professional babysitter in a pinch? Call Jess’ Way with at least 48hrs notice, pay a flat rate fee of $50.00, and we’ll send you a Jess’ Way babysitter that works with your schedule.

Party Babysitting: Jess' Way can make your next party kid friendly! When you hire a Party Sitter, you tell us the amount of kids, ages, and timeframe, we handle the rest. Call to schedule your kid coverage today! 919-904-0753

Expedited Services*:

$250.00 (*a nanny within 2-weeks or your fee is refunded)

Jess’ Way Transportation

Check out our NEW easier transportation pricing system:

For Jess’ Way shared rides, The first 5 Miles is $15.00, each additional mile is $1.00.

Jess' Way offers both shared and private rides. All the pricing information on the website is listed for shared rides. If you are interested in a private ride, please call 919-904-0753 and a Jess' Way Transportation Representative will provide you with a custom quote. 

Jess Way Training & Classes:

Jess’ Way offers classes in CPR and First Aid, as well as nanny training for a variety of needs. Jess also offers one-on-one family sessions. Please use the contact form for price inquiries.



We made our transportation system even easier!

Jess' Way offers both shared and private rides. All the pricing information on the website is listed for shared rides. If you are interested in a private ride, please call 919-904-0753 and a Jess' Way Transportation Representative will provide you with a custom quote. 

The shared ride may be with 1-3 other children on a similar route. All shared rides will not affect your child's confirmed pickup or drop off time. Depending on our schedule, there may be times when your child is the only rider.

All Jess’ Way Transportation rides include live location sharing for the duration of the trip, door to door service, check-in/check-out, photo (if requested) and speed safety monitoring. Hours are M-F 7:00am-7:00pm.

Shared ride pricing: $15.00 for the first 5 miles, $1.00 each additional mile. Follow the 4 steps below to sign up!

Step 1. Fill out the transportation application for first time riders or repeat riders.

Step 2. A Jess’ Way Transportation Representative will call you within 48hrs. If you have not received a call, please feel free to contact us: 919-904-0753

Step 3. Pay Application Fee: $50.00, Click here to pay now!

Step 4. You must sign and return the transportation contract before your child can ride with Jess’ Way.

At this time we only serve the greater triangle region.

R. Shores

I moved to Raleigh, had a baby, and started a new job in a matter of months, and was so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know what we needed. Jess talked me through my short-term and long-term needs: assistants to help me move things my pregnancy prevented me from lifting, sitters for occasional childcare when we first moved, and eventually our long-term nanny. And when we were really squeezed, Jess herself came to help! 

Jess is highly compassionate, motivated, and utterly indefatigable. Her help was positively critical to our move, and we will remain forever grateful to her and her competent team. We love our nanny, and we intend to use Jess’ Way as our family’s needs change. No routine can last forever, and I rest easier knowing that Jess’ Way can help us during periods of adjustment. Thank you, Jess!

A. Bhatt-Hira

Jess is a natural with kids!  We have 3 young children (twins and an older sibling). We love working with Jess because she is trustworthy and understanding and treats all the children with kindness, respect and care. As an Emerald Doula and Jess’ Way client, I can say Jess' Way has been the perfect fit for our family!

M. Beth

I met Jess at a preschool where she was nannying for a family and I immediately asked her to be my nanny! The way she was so attentive and aware of the unique needs of each kids really struck me. I asked her if I could get in line to be her next family, and the wait was 2 years! Then she introduced the concept of Nanny Agency to me, which I had never heard of. She interviewed me, met my kids and found a great match for our family. There is only one Jess, we got the next best thing, our Jess' Way Nanny. She walked us through every step of the way, relayed our concerns and needs to our Nanny, helped with the contract and checks in periodically. We are so grateful for her.

C. Guy

Jess acted as a great liaison between me and the family that she connected me to. She handled everything prior to the interview process which was much easier because the family already had all the pertinent information. I am very satisfied with the family and I feel great as a nanny having someone who had my best interest in mind.

J. Sun

Jess has been a wonderful gift to our family.  She stepped right into a hectic family of five with ease and quickly got to know and really understand each of our three children individually.  She has an innate ability to anticipate their needs, react positively to their moods, and be their advocate when they need one.  Jess is punctual, responsible, and a good communicator, making it easy to entrust her with our children knowing that they are in capable, caring hands.  In fact, many of our friends have been so impressed with how well Jess cares for our children that they have asked her to babysit their children as well!

K. Proc

Jess is kind, professional, and a wonderful care giver. I’ve witnessed her care for several kids of various ages at the same time with ease. My kids always have a great time with her too! I know Jess takes pride in her work and her business and I would trust her judgement when hiring employees/other nannies. I highly recommend Jess’ Way!

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Contact Us

Our specialties are listed below. If you have questions about any of our services, please feel free to ask!

  • Complex schedules

  • Potty training 

  • Learning through rhyme and rhythm

  • Sleep training 

  • Special needs

  • Multiples

  • Sibling cohesion

  • Family structure

  • Unique families

  • Safety 

  • Short-term, evening and weekend babysitting 

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