Most of you know I've been working in the childcare industry for over 15 years. What you may not know is I'm the primary caregiver for my nephew, a bright, energetic loving boy. The state took him from his mother and he has lived with me since he was 6-months old, because his father was in jail. He has already been through more life challenges than many adults. He has anger issues and separation anxiety. He is still learning hands are for hugs, not hits and how to use his words to express himself. Click here for more info on my special guy.

Yesterday I was contacted by the owner of his school, who informed me he was not welcome back. This will be the 4th daycare facility he has attended; he is only 4 years old.

I told each daycare I enrolled him about his strengths and struggles before he started, they all agreed they would not give up on him. The preschools he attended have racially profiled him and made him feel as though he doesn't belong. It is heartbreaking for me to tell him he is not welcome back again.

I'm raising money for planning the beginning stages of Jess' Way Academy. A place where every child is cherished and we will work tirelessly to accommodate kids with a variety of behavioral challenges. I want to help children reach their greatest potential.

The funds will help pay for:

- Developing an all-inclusive curriculum based on the Jess' Way teaching/learning philosophy, which I've developed over the last 15 years.

- A personal tutor for my nephew while we work on finding a space for Jess' Way Academy

- Payment to secure a space

- Sliding scale curriculum and establishing a scholarship fund, so money is not a factor for qualified students

- Learning through rhythm and rhyme videos, for virtual learning

- Website development and marketing

- Free workshops and resources for the community

Please DONATE, share this page and share my hope for a better tomorrow, for all children!